Training Modules


Initial Setup

Choosing the right industry type is the most important first step. QuickBooks comes with a generic Chart of Accounts for most industries so knowing which to choose can save you a lot of time creating your business' unique set of Accounts.

Custom Lists

Creating your products and services list is crucial to invoicing and producing sales receipts for your customers. Taking care of this now saves time when you are producing the invoice or receipt later.

Your classes list is not necessary but I encourage everyone to utilize this feature because it can give so much more detail on your financial statements. For example:

  • Income across services
  • Expenses across departments
  • Location most worked by employees
  • Much More

For tracking those Key Performance Indicators, classes, in my opinion, is the only way to go!


Learn how to create a customer account in QuickBooks, how to invoice them, create a sales receipt for them, and process payments received by them. 


Paying bills becomes super easy with QuickBooks. Create your vendor accounts, enter bills, choose which bills to pay, assign check numbers yourself or have QuickBooks do it for you, and click Pay Bills. With QuickBooks Merchant Accounts, the funds can be automatically withdrawn saving you money and time not having to mail them.

Bank Feeds

Now you can have all your bank information downloaded to your QuickBooks file. Match deposits to payments received and monthly reconciliations are a breeze!

Ask Me How

Choose Your Module

With 5 different durations, we can go in-depth on a particular module or cover all the basics. The choice is yours to learn as little or as much as you want.