Exclusive Landlord Setup

What are your numbers?

Do you know what numbers are important to your rental business? Are they easily gathered with your current bookkeeping process? With a unique setup that is especially for landlords, the answer to the question will be a resounding "YES!"

Occupancy Rates- A Full House beats a 2 of A Kind in poker and the same applies for your rental business. Your income will be significantly higher with all of your rentals occupied.

Tenant Turnover - How long from 1 tenant move out til new tenant move in? Knowing this number will help your marketing efforts and allow you to accurately forecast future income. You can also see how your business stacks up to the industry norms.

Rent Ready Costs - How much does it cost to get a unit ready to rent after a tenant vacates? Keeping track of this number can make your rental business much more efficient.

Much More - The setup AMH provides makes it easier than ever to track your key performance indicators that are crucial to the growth and overall financial health of your rental business.

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Schedule your free, 1 hour consultation with AMH. I can show you, on-screen, what the setup will look like and how it can help track these numbers.

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