Get to Know Me

Alita M. Hall

Mission Statement

AMH Bookkeeping, LLC strives to continuously serve its clients by addressing their unique bookkeeping needs with a knowledgeable professional who has industry specific experience. I believe in doing business with integrity, fairness, honesty, and respect. I practice these at every stage of the relationship between AMH and my clients; from needs assessment to contract signing and after. At AMH, I care about my clients and will take the time to educate them on the process every step of the way so they understand how their books run and what transactions affect their bottom line.

Why working with me is beneficial.

AAS Degree as an Accounting Specialist. BS Degree in Business Management with an Accounting Concentration. I understand the processes that are important to the functionality of your business.  With over 4 years' experience in the Real Estate industry, I have the unique skillset to help landlords, property managers, and small businesses.

Some interesting info about me.

My name is Alita and I have 2 kids; 1 girl and 1 boy that make my world go round. They make me laugh with their creativity and unique view of the world. Mashed Potatoes are my NUMBER 1 FAVORITE FOOD!! I absolutely love them! During the holidays, my mother has to make 2 dishes of them because I don’t share them lol. I am a twin and we look nothing alike but our personalities are quite similar. She's my best friend. I truly love what I do and I want to share that passion with you. Looking forward to getting to know your books AND you too!

Find out more

AIPB - American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

Member since February 2017. This organization is important to because it cares about setting standards for the bookkeeping profession like the AICPA does for Public Accountants.

Obtaining their Certification as Bookkeeper is a statement to my clients that I want to provide the highest level of assurance that I am a knowledgeable professional that cares about their books and staying up to date on changes made to their industry.

I encourage all of you seeking a bookkeeper to ask for this certification from the AIPB. Help me raise the quality standards amongst this profession.